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Making Memories With Wilbur Chocolate

Ask any of our artisans, and they’ll tell you the secret to the timeless flavor of Wilbur Chocolate is in the tradition. Our iconic Bud, for example, was introduced in 1894—and has remained a classic recipe ever since.

It started with our founder, H.O. Wilbur. He and his business partner, Samuel Croft, made and sold hard candies in the late 1800s. Wilbur, however, had the idea to use the patented drop machine the partners used to make hard candies to create something new: the world’s first chocolate drop candy.

Wilbur Buds quickly gained popularity, and the partners soon began offering chocolate in other shapes and sizes. By 1930, they’d outgrown their original manufacturing plant and moved from Philadelphia to Lititz, Pennsylvania. Almost a hundred years later, Wilbur Chocolate is still manufactured with care and expertise in the heart of Central PA.

But we know the Wilbur story is so much more than the story of a company. So we asked families around our region and across the country how they’re preserving traditions—and making new memories—with Wilbur Chocolate. From grandparents who always manage to keep a full bowl on the coffee table to homemade treats shared with neighbors each year, the responses we received reminded us what Wilbur’s heritage is all about.

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“My father, who is now in his eighties, has been using a mix of both types of Wilbur Buds in his family fudge recipe for over 30 years,” wrote Cindi Kimmel, of Lititz, PA. “We continue to make it today. Our kids, who are now in their twenties, have grown up making this every year with him!”

Made with the finest ingredients and sustainable cocoa, the Wilbur name represents timeless and uncompromising quality. For some, it’s the best way they know of showing they care.

“My parents had always given or sent boxes of Wilbur Buds instead of sending Christmas cards to friends and relatives,” said Lancaster resident Page Steele. “And we have continued the tradition to this day.

While we received too many heartwarming responses to share in one short post, we did have the chance to capture one family's Wilbur tradition on video. So give it a watch below, and post your favorite Wilbur memories on your personal Instagram or Facebook. Don’t forget to tag us with @wilburchocolate—maybe the next story we feature will be yours!