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Interesting Foods Dipped in Chocolate

Delving Into Delicious and Unexpected Pairings

Across the world, chocoholics are going to unique lengths to fulfill their cravings by enjoying a wide range of interesting foods dipped in chocolate. Some pairings are creative while others are truly bizarre.

The best pairings have gained immense popularity (chocolate dipped bacon, for one) while others seem like more of a dare than a delight (e.g. chocolate covered bugs)!

Today we’re taking a look at all the things you might not have considered dipping in chocolate.

What Foods Can Be Covered In Chocolate?

The real question is what foods can’t be covered in chocolate? You can cover whatever your heart desires in chocolate, of course—the real test is whether it will be any good to actually eat!

Chocolate is one of those universally delicious substances that you can use to enhance almost anything. We all know that chocolate covered fruits are a favorite of many discerning chocolate lovers, but what about other snack foods?

Chocolate Covered Fruits

Strawberries have become a staple for most when it comes to chocolate covered fruit, but have you tried other fruits dipped in chocolate? We offer many different fruits already pre-dipped in chocolate, such as our Wilbur Hand-dipped Chocolate Covered Glazed Oranges Slices (available in milk and dark chocolate), our Hand-dipped Chocolate Covered Glazed Pineapple Slices, our Hand-dipped Glazed Peach Slices (available in milk and dark chocolate), our Hand-dipped Glazed Apricot Slices (available in milk and dark chocolate), and for something a bit more gourmet, you’ll want to try our Milk Chocolate Covered Cordial Cherries (also available in dark chocolate). Just as with any snack, moderation is key with dipped fruits. We suggest trying chocolate dipped fruits both ways—with dried and fresh fruits. Really, anything dipped in chocolate is worth tasting!

Chocolate Covered Snacks

Chocolate pairs wonderfully with savory foods like chips, nuts, pretzels, and bacon! If you haven’t already, make sure to give chocolate covered bacon a chance. It’s becoming a huge hit at fairs and carnivals, and you can make this salty-sweet blend right at home. Most say bacon is perfect as is, but doesn’t chocolate make everything better? Here at Wilbur we sure do think so!

Cookies and crackers have always been a big favorite, but have you tried chocolate covered or drizzled potato chips? The delicious combination of sweet and salty makes them just to die for. Be sure to try our Wilbur Chocolate Drizzled Potato Chips (available in milk and dark chocolate). These scrumptious rippled potato chips are drizzled with chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt!

We also have a wide assortment of different chocolate covered nuts and chocolate covered snacks and centers, such as pretzels, marshmallow, peanut butter, etc.

To see all the items we cover in chocolate here at Wilbur check out this link: http://www.wilburbuds.com/Products/Chocolate-Covered-Items

Unusual Chocolate Pairings

Chocolate can be paired with things you don’t expect, like dried insects (crickets or grasshoppers are most popular), pickles, chili or jalapeno peppers, edamame, beef jerky, and even veggies!

Before you dismiss these concoctions, give some a try. Chili or jalapeno peppers are an interesting choice for bold contrast—the spicy or smoky pepper will add to the sweetness of the chocolate.

Dried crickets and grasshoppers are a great sustainable protein (instead of beef or pork), and they seem much less creepy-crawly covered in chocolate!

Pickles and chocolate may seem like an odd pairing, but combining two of the biggest traditional pregnancy cravings together might just be a hit for everyone, not just mothers-to-be!

Beef jerky is scrumptious and so is chocolate, so why not combine the two? Give it a try and let us know what you think!

You’ve probably tried chocolate covered espresso beans, but what about edamame? Can we just say yummy and healthy? Another healthy snack made better with chocolate is chocolate covered vegetables. Not all the veggies will work well, but try carrots, asparagus, or even broccoli. You might just be surprised!

How To Make Your Own Chocolate Covered Fruit

Whether your chocolate covered fruit is fresh or dried, you will have crafted a simple and yummy snack. Fruit dipped in chocolate is a perfect dessert, gift, or seasonal treat for yourself or your loved ones!

Here at Wilbur, we offer several different chocolate product options for you to work with when it comes to melting chocolate for covering your fruit. Are you a new chocolatier or an amateur baker looking to learn the art of tempering chocolate using Wilbur cocoa based products? You’ll want to check out our recent blog post on How to Work With Chocolate before you begin.

If making your own chocolate-dipped fruit seems daunting, there is also an easier way. The simpler, less time consuming path involves working with Wilbur confectionery (vegetable oil based) products in either the microwave or a double boiler.

Microwave Method

These instructions are based on a 600-watt microwave, since microwaves vary in the heat settings, you will have to determine what works best for yours. We recommend that you begin using your microwave at 50% power capacity until the proper temperature is confirmed.

  1. Place one pound of Wilbur Confectionery Wafers in a microwave-safe container for one minute. Our Wilbur wafers are available in milk, white and dark chocolate; additional peanut butter flavored wafers are also available.
  2. Make sure to stir the product as much as possible after initial heating.
  3. Return to microwave to continue melting process in 15 to 30 second intervals, until the product is melted to 115-120 degrees F. Be sure to stir between intervals of heating (and also be careful not to overheat).
  4. Allow the product to cool to 92-98 degrees F before you begin dipping. Make sure to stir several times during the cooling process, as well (for accurate temperatures).

Double Boiler Method

  1. Start by heating two cups of water to 140 degrees F. You will want to keep the water between 130 and 150 degrees F throughout the melting process.
  2. Place one pound of Wilbur Confectionery Wafers into the top of the double boiler over the water.
  3. Melt product slowly while stirring frequently until completely melted at a temperature of 115-120 degrees F. (Be sure to keep the water away from the product during this process.)
  4. Make sure you are preventing all moisture (steam vapor) from reaching the product in the top of your double boiler.
  5. Allow the product to cool to 92-98 degrees F before you begin dipping; make sure to stir several times during the cooling process as well (for accurate temperatures).

Tips For Hand-dipping Fruits

  1. Before dipping your fruit in the melted chocolate, make sure you pat the fruit dry after rinsing. You want to make sure to remove as much moisture as possible before dipping.
  2. Fruits work best for dipping when kept at room temperature.
  3. For the cooling process, place dipped fruits on wax or parchment paper in a refrigerator or cool room.

Whether you are a chocoholic, or you want to treat one in your life, some of these chocolate pairings will be right up your alley. Plus, think of all the things we DIDN’T mention to try dipping in chocolate. You are only limited by your own imagination!

If you are looking for more great chocolate covered ideas, be sure to stop in to see us at the Wilbur Chocolate Store for more mouthwatering suggestions!