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Every family has a set of recipes that are passed down from generation to generation. They create smiles and bring joy. They’re what you turn to when you crave something classic, comforting, and reliably delicious. 

At Wilbur Chocolate, we’ve learned a thing or two about timeless family recipes and rich flavors. We’ve been producing premium, American-made chocolate and using the same quality ingredients for over a century.  

Sustainably sourced cocoa beans. Fine dairy. Real vanilla. Together, these ingredients make something more: silky-smooth chocolate with an unmistakable richness that families have fallen in love with for more than 135 years. 

Today, we’re most famous for the Bud that started it all, but our chocolate legacy has continued to grow. From chocolate bars made in Central Pennsylvania to hand-dipped confections crafted by hand in the Wilbur Kitchen, our list of classics is always expanding. But no matter what we think of next, our commitment to quality remains unchanged. 

Whether our Buds bring back childhood memories or you’re discovering Wilbur chocolate for the first time, we believe there’s something special about what we do that simply can’t be beat.