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Fall into Chocolate

It’s that time of year. As you stroll down Broad Street in the heart of Lititz, you get a real sense of autumn. Golden and rust-colored leaves scatter the ground, and the cool breeze in the air gives you that slight fall chill.

This much-anticipated season calls for long walks through Lititz Springs Park followed by a stop at our Wilbur Chocolate Storewhere our chocolate aroma fills the air.

Warm and sweet treats

As fall slowly makes its way home, autumn feelings begin to inhabit and take over our sense of being. Those fall feelings evoke a sense of coziness, togetherness, and of course, chocolate cravings!

Does your perfect fall evening include staying in with your friends and/or family and baking some warm, chocolate sweets? You will want to try some of our favorite recipes such as our delectable Wilbur Cocoa Brownies or Wilbur Cocoa Cookies!

Hot cocoa delight

Another fall feeling we all love is the power of a hot beverage. There’s nothing quite like sipping something that warms you up from the inside out. And, a nice, hot mug of hot cocoa is just delightful to make and enjoy in the comfort of your home.

Have you tried our Wilbur Hot Cocoa?

Wilbur® Hot Cocoa

Mix cocoa with sugar, add enough water to form paste, then add remaining water. Boil one minute, stirring constantly, until slightly thickened. Add salt and vanilla, blend. Add milk and heat—do not boil. Especially good with marshmallows.

Did we mention that our hot cocoa recipe pairs perfectly with our new Chocolate Toffee Crunch? Just curl up on the couch with a comfy blanket while you enjoy your hot cocoa and toffee crunch by the fireside.

Coffee indulgence

Perhaps your taste buds prefer a warm beverage with a chocolate kick of caffeine! No coffee is smoother or more savory than our Wilbur’s Premium Cocoa Breeze Blend Coffee.

These Brazilian coffee beans are lightly coated with chocolate oil, then dusted with our finest Dutch Processed Breakfast Cocoa Powder. We also locally roast these beans right here in Lititz, PA.

No matter what your hot beverage of choice may be, time stands still when you grab a mug and just simply let yourself relax with loved ones and relish in the warmth of the autumn season together.

Just sit, sip, and let it all just be in the moment.

Chocolatey fun

Looking for some fun and chocolatey ideas to keep you and yours occupied on chilly nights in? Why not try a chocolate-filled game night with your friends and family! Try your luck playing this twist on the classic board game Monopoly -- Chocolate-oply! Who will be the sweetest winner of your group?

The kids will also love something tasty to accompany their board gaming. How about making some delicious caramel apples? We recommend using Peter’s Caramel, which is perfect for making caramel apples and can be bought right in our store.

Wine night in

If you’re looking for a more ”grown-up” activity, why not have a wine night in with our Autumn Wine Tote Assortment? Also a great gift, our Autumn Wine Tote Assortment is filled with 1 lb. Mixed Milk and Semisweet Wilbur Buds and 1 lb. Wilbur Triple Coated Almonds, just the right amount of chocolate to pair with a great bottle of wine. 

We should also mention that this assortment happens to be our October Special this month! Take 15% off when you check out using promo code: OCT18.


Seasonal chocolate bliss

Make sure to stop on in and visit us or order online this season for all the best ingredients to inspire your cozy feelings.

Think of Wilbur as your chocolate haven this autumn, and let us satisfy all your comforting wants and needs.

Whether it’s the smell of baking brownies, hot cocoa brewing, or delectable caramel apples, the sweet aromas wafting through your house will evoke feelings of warmth and love. Get ready to celebrate the sweetest part of the season with Wilbur Chocolate!