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Kathy's Korner
- Lesson 1 Making Lollipops

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The Story of Chocolate

Wilbur Dutch processed cocoa powder
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~ Fun & Easy ~

Lesson 1
Let’s Make Lollipops!
with Kathy Blankenbiller

There are hundreds of lollipop molds sold in candy stores, craft stores, and even on-line.  I want you to start out slowly, so I’ve picked one of my favorites; it’s easy to handle and pretty cute, too. Yes, the Wilbur Candy Store offers many other molds, so come get yours before they’re all sold out!
One secret to successful candy making at home is to have all your equipment and ingredients ready to go BEFORE you begin. For this very basic lesson, you’ll need the following:


  1. Determination, a sense of adventure, and confidence (in any order).
  2. A plastic mold designed for chocolate candies. Make sure your mold is clean, completely dry, and at room temperature.
  3. Your choice of either true chocolate (cocoa butter base) or confectionery coating (vegetable oil base). Please review the difference on our “Working with Wilbur Chocolate” page on our web site. For this lesson, we will be working with Wilbur Chocolate’s confectionery wafers.  Now, melt the appropriate amount of chocolate for however many lollies you plan to make today. To help you decide how much you’ll need, keep in mind that an average-sized lolly takes about a half ounce of melted chocolate.
  4. A soup spoon – for pouring the chocolate into the mold.
  5. A spatula – for removing excess chocolate from the mold.
  6. Lollipop sticks, enough for how many pops you’re making.
  7. A towel for keeping your area neat (this is always a challenge for me).
  8. A microwave (for melting the chocolate).
  9. A refrigerator for cooling the chocolate in the molds.
  10. Another towel. This one will be used when you remove the chocolate from the mold.
  11. A big smile. This will come in handy when you see your results!

additional melting instructions

Okay, let’s get started! (You could smile, here, too—that would work nicely.)

Step 1
I guess it’s pretty obvious, but just in case:  Place your nice clean, dry mold on the table and carefully spoon chocolate into each of the lollipop cavities.

Filling the Mold

Step 2
Do NOT fill it ALL the way up to the edge; leave about a sixteenth of an inch unfilled (see photo). “Now why in the world is she telling me to do that?” you might ask.  And you should because that shows that you’re paying attention. Good for you! The reason is that it makes the next two steps much easier. Go to Step 3 now.

Filling Mold

Step 3
It’s time to get rid of those nasty air bubbles that may be floating around so take hold of both sides of the mold and get ready to rap. No, not musically, rap as in tapping the mold against the table to get those bubbles to the surface where they will pop. You see, air bubbles in chocolate will cause craters, which are very unattractive and just not acceptable at all. So go ahead, rap the mold a few times, then set the mold back on the table, and proceed to Step 4.



Step 4
Pick up your spatula now and with the other hand, pick up your filled mold. Holding the filled mold over your bowl of extra melted chocolate, swipe the spatula over the top of the mold in one clean motion, end to end; this will remove excess chocolate and make separating the chocolate from the mold much easier. It will also give your finished pieces a more professional appearance.


Step 5
I know what you’re thinking about now. “Um, there’s no lollipop stick in there.” I was right, right? That IS what you were thinking, wasn’t it? I knew it. That’s okay because I saved that for Step 5 so everything is okay! So go ahead, pick up a lollipop stick and place it in the long, narrow cavity underneath the main part of the lollipop and gently push it into the chocolate. See that little area where the stick fits; there’s a little square area. Pretty ingenious because that helps you to be able to roll the stick a little, which will help lock it in place.


Apply Stick

Apply Additional Chocolate

Step 6
This is where you smile. Why? Because you’ve just made your very first chocolate lollipop! Go place it in your refrigerator (NOT the freezer)—move all the jelly and ketchup and other things to another shelf because your mold must chill while on an even surface. Now all you have to do is wait about ten minutes, check it, and if it’s ready, separate the chocolate from the mold, and eat it! No, wait; separating the chocolate from the mold and show it off—THEN eat it! Unless, of course, you’d like me to tell you have to make it look REALLY beautiful…If so, check our Lesson 2 – “Oh, so pretty!”

te from Mold

Teddy Bear


Directions by Kathy Blankenbiller

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