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Making New Memories in Our Wilbur Kitchen

Over 100 years ago, we created a velvety smooth chocolate drop that’s been loved and savored by generations of fans. But while the Wilbur Bud is our defining creation, our legacy doesn’t end there. In fact, the list of Wilbur Chocolate creations is always growing! Whether you’re shopping online or taking a trip to our Lititz store, you’ll find that our beloved Bud is just the beginning.

We make hundreds of hand-dipped chocolate classics right in our retail store, which is also home to our Wilbur Kitchen. Every day, our team creates the confections that fill our shelves, from chocolate-covered fruits and nuts to salty-sweet chocolate-drizzled potato chips.

If you stop by our store, you’ll probably meet Donna, who’s been a member of our kitchen team for over nine years. We sat down with her to learn how she brings new Wilbur creations to life—and puts a smile on every visitor’s face as they watch her work!

Each morning around 8am, Donna gets started on her priorities for the day, taking stock of which specialty snacks are running low. Then, once customers start to arrive, she finds herself answering questions and walking guests of all ages through the chocolate-making process. She’s the smiling face you’ll see as you sample a Wilbur Bud (she’s a fan of the milk chocolate variety), and a wealth of knowledge about all things Wilbur.

“The best part of my job,” Donna says, “is making all the different kinds of candy and seeing smiles on customers’ faces as I work—especially all the kids who come into the store.”

It’s hard not to love working at a chocolate store, Donna admits, because it’s a job that allows her to spread joy through every candy she creates. Her favorite? Lititz Bark, a kitchen-sink creation that’s filled with hometown favorites, including Tom Sturgis pretzel pieces, Wilbur milk chocolate, and Peter’s caramel. It’s finished with a dark and white chocolate drizzle and a sprinkle of sea salt, which enhances the distinctive, rich flavor of Wilbur Chocolate.

Check out the creations made by Donna and the rest of the Wilbur Kitchen team at https://www.wilburbuds.com/chocolate/wilbur-kitchen-made, or stop by our store to meet the people behind your favorite chocolate-dipped treat!