Wilbur BudsSummer Shipping Special


How to place an order?
($10.00 savings)

Our Special Packaging Option is suggested for orders shipped
during warmer weather (75 degrees or warmer). This includes
FedEx Priority Overnight® delivery (within the contiguous U.S.), gel ice pack, and our guarantee that your order arrives unmelted.
(An additional $10.00 per shipping container should be added to
Standard Delivery Charge to cover the Overnight Air charges and
special packaging. Refer to Standard Delivery Charge.)
To select our Special Packaging Option, check the box in the
Ship To column on the order form for each order you wish to
ship with this option.

By not selecting the Special Packaging Option, you waive this
option, and deliveries cannot be guaranteed.

•During the summer and warm months, we do not ship on Fridays
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